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DS 2023 will take place in Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa, Porto Portugal (right figure). Located in the heart of the business district, the Hotel offers you the opportunity to live and connect with Porto, an Unique, exquisite and authentic destination. Like its wine, a treasure to be slowly appreciated. Enjoy the convenience of being only a short distance away from the city’s rich heritage, where you connect with 800 years of history. Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa offers Unique architecture, light and comfort, together with an unmatching food & beverage experience, 1,750 square meters of flexible state of the art indoor meeting space as well as 4,000 square meters of garden scenario Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa, Porto was selected due to its convenience for participants. After arriving to the city, the participant can reach the hotel in different ways either walking or using public transportations (bus or subway). If the participant chooses to use public transportation, the city is well covered by bus lines, which depending of the participant location, can take 1 or 2 lines to arrive to the hotel. If the participant chooses to take the subway, the blue, orange, purple and green line pass in Francos and Casa da Música which are the two stopsmore closer to the hotel (5 min walking distance), as illustrated in Figure 1.


Porto is served by a modern airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro, which has recently been distinguished with the First Place in the category of Best European Airport at the ACI Airport Service Quality Awards. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located in the heart of the industrial north of the country, 11km from the city of Porto, making it a privileged access point to this valuable commercial area. Many low-cost companies fly to Porto from several major European cities, such as London, Paris or Frankfurt. The price of these flights can be as low as 40 euros, roundtrip. You find direct connects to countries like Israel, Spain, Germany, England, USA, Poland, Brasil, France, Italy, etc. When arriving to Portugal through another city, like Lisbon or Faro, a connection flight to Porto will take around 30 min. The train (3 hours from Lisbon in ’Alfa Pendular’ or 6 hours from Faro) and rent a car (3 hours from Lisbon using ’A1’ highway or 6 hours from using ’A2’ and then ’A1’) are also valid options, as ilustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 1
Figure 2